Charred Walls Of The Damned - Creatures Watching Over The Dead LP (Black vinyl)


The long wait for a follow up to Cold Winds On Timeless Days naturally begets heightened expectations, and that is what proves to be the only real enemy to what has transpired in Creatures Watching Over The Dead. Apples to apples, this is almost a perfect retread of the concise, catchy yet predictable character of this band's self-titled debut. It's strength is primarily tied to the masterful performances of each individual member involved, and while they meld together nicely, the album suffers a bit from being too short and spending a bit too much time in catchy territory and not quite enough exploiting the talents of all those involved. It is by any standard a solid album, but for anyone with even a basic familiarity with the backgrounds of both Christy and DiGiorgio, it doesn't really go too far beyond doing what is expected and leaves one wanting for more.