CEREMONIAL OATH - The Book Of Truth LP (Black Vinyl)
Ceremonial Oath

CEREMONIAL OATH - The Book Of Truth LP (Black Vinyl)

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Ceremonial Oath was basically the premiere melodic death metal band, laying the blue print for many, many acts to follow. Interestingly enough, "The Book Of Truth" has little in common with albums from In Flames and Dark Tranquillity that were released around the same time. From the muddy production to the crunchy guitars and the ugly vocals of Oscar Dronjak, there are many aspects of this album that are highly appreciable. Unfortunately, it seems as though the "Gothenburg" craze of the mid nineties was just about to kick in full force after this album was released, therefore leaving little desire on part of the band members to record anything after the album "Carpet" which arrived in 1995.

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