Cerebral Rot ‎- Odious Descent Into Decay LP (Neon Yellow/Piss Yellow/Olive Green/Brown/Bone Splatter vinyl)


 Neon Yellow / Piss Yellow Merge w/ Olive Green, Brown & Bone Splatter

Odious Descent Into Decay is one of 20 Buck Spin's finest releases yet and certainly made my favorite albums list from 2019, even topping the other fine guttural exports of Vastum, Tomb Mold, Witch Vomit, and Fetid from the same label. Call it plagiarist, copy-paste death metal if you want, but few bands can actually capture the sound of decomposition in musical form as well as Cerebral Rot, and as death metal teaches us, that's a process which inevitably repeats itself. I already own two copies of this album, one for home, one for the car, and I might want a third one to store in a putrefying pile of entrails and bacterial slime. Death awaits!