CENTINEX - Reborn Through Flames LP (Black Vinyl)

CENTINEX - Reborn Through Flames LP (Black Vinyl)

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Reborn Through Flames is the fourth seal by this underrated band from Sweden. The Centinex style is always bound to the darkness and the violence and so it is even for this release, but with few changes. Like on the previous album, Reflections, the death and the black metal almost clash together to create a truly nasty hybrid that points mostly of the sheer impact of the instruments with just few breaks in which the atmosphere becomes the most important thing.

The melodies always lay under the massive assault of the instruments and they can easily come out in a sudden way to accompany us till the end of another good album by this band. This time they pointed more on the melodic side but if you are searching for a good dose of icy, dark black/death, Reborn through Flames is for you.

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