Cattle Decapitation - Death Atlas 2-LP (Orange Marble vinyl)


'The Surface Of The Sun Vinyl' (orange marbled), limited to 500 copies.
Housed in a full colour gatefold jacket.
Digital download card and double sided insert included.

Death Atlas doesn't only convince with energetic growls, fierce guitar riffs and speedy rhythm section. It comes around with technically appealing guitar solos, riffs that actually slow things down to enhance a dystopian atmosphere as well as sorrowful vocals that meander from thrash metal inspirations to black metal outbursts. The record features numerous instrumental tunes or prolonged instrumental passages that focus on sorrowful ambient sounds that add a cinematic dimension to the record and invite listeners to dream and think along. It's obvious that the band valued atmosphere over technical skills despite its excellence in both departments. The hauntingly dystopian lyrics about global warming and the horrors mankind commits against its own planet must be pointed out as well because they are on the pulse of time and have an inspiring message.