Carpathian Forest - Skjend Hans Lik LP (Black vinyl)


Compilation of rarities.
Recording information:

Tracks 1 & 2 recorded in Sound Suite, France, August / September 2002.
Track 3 recorded in Zeitgeist Studio, April 2002.
Track 4 recorded live in Pratteln Z7, October 2001.
Tracks 5-9 taken from the Bloodlust and Perversion demo, 1992, remastered.

I love Carpathian Forest and I especially love early Carpathian Forest but early Carpathian Forest is a completely different monster and, in some ways (I would argue), more black metal than later Carpathian Forest. I've always felt like CF were one of the bands that embody what is true Norwegian black metal; Not necessarily TRVE like Gorgoroth but true in that I don't feel like Nattefrost is working overtime to prove he is black metal, rather he just naturally is, and that he actually means the words he screams. I say this because I believe CF's music, including what we hear on this demo, embodies this spirit.