Carpathian Forest - Morbid Fascination Of Death CD


Peaceville 2012 vinyl re-issue.

Various visions pass through my mind whilst listening to "Morbid Fascination Of Death", the third full length from Sandnes, Norway's Carpathian Forest, all dark and negative thoughts. From the moment I picked up the album and looked at the cover of Nattefrost crisscrossing machetes, and opened it up to the disturbing and sexual photos of a corpse painted girl topless in black lace panties slicing her throat and cutting her wrists, to the photos of the band armed with assault rifles and grenades presented as "black metal terrorists", I get pretty hyped every listen still since I first purchased it. Released on Avantgarde as well as a 2007 re-release from Peaceville(the one I own), "Morbid Fascination Of Death" is a distorted look at death, war, blood, lust, bloodlust, perversion, psychosis, depression, suicide, schizophrenia, and genocide in a genuinely entertaining and enjoyable black metal punk infused fashion. Ten tracks are there here plus two bonus tracks which are a cover of Mayhem's "Ghoul" and the demo version of "Nostalgia". This album would also be the last to feature one of the original founding members of Carpathian Forest, Nordavind , and the first to include now permanent staple Daniel "Vrangsinn" on bass and guitar.