CARPATHIAN FOREST – Fuck You All!!!! (Caput Tuum In Ano Est) Gatefold-LP (Black Vinyl)
Carpathian Forest

CARPATHIAN FOREST – Fuck You All!!!! (Caput Tuum In Ano Est) Gatefold-LP (Black Vinyl)

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Black vinyl, gatefold jacket. Ltd. edition 160 copies.

Carpathian Forest are ugly. Their - sometimes faecal - image is disgusting. Just take a look at the picture of Vrangsinn in the booklet: a smeared guy with dangling plastic boobs. To be honest: whenever I see this optical insult, my libido falls into a deep coma. Personal difficulties aside, it goes without saying that the first part of the album's title is neither original nor sophisticated. But the music itself has the power to make strong men weak (even those without boobs).

In the end, Carpathian Forest know that they have a reputation to lose and this might be the reason why they deliver all these elements that the veteran supporters of the band expect. Insanity, obscurity, brutality and velocity characterise this longplayer. With the exception of the strangely faceless opener, all songs leave a strong impact. This applies even for the slightly groovy closer that does not show any signs of fatigue. Back in 2006, "Love You All!!!!" - this is the correct title, isn't it? - made hunger for more. Okay, eleven years of silence followed, but now the dudes have announced a new work for 2018. Can you hear me in Sandnes? The defenders of bad taste want another document of vulgarity, nothing less. We even gamble with our libido for a worthy successor. Thus, get your instruments and record another album. It's overdue! And stay ugly!

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