CARPATHIAN FOREST - Black Shining Leather LP (Black Vinyl)
Carpathian Forest

CARPATHIAN FOREST - Black Shining Leather LP (Black Vinyl)

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Carpathian Forest's first official full length is the missing link between the band's "naturalistic" early days and the "black'n'roll" style which would later become their trademark; it is, anyway, something completely different from your usual Norwegian Black Metal offerings, as Carpathian Forest's usual.
The first big difference lies in the lyrics. No "hail Satan, fuck Christianity" to be found here at all, nor "frozen landscape poetry" as in the band's earlier career: "Black Shining Leather" is packed with bitter verses about misanthropy, suicide, sadomasochism, violence, emptiness and the genral cruel nonsense of everyday life. Another standout factor is the quality of such lyrics: straightforward and almost brutally explicit, yet apparently well thought and skillfully crafted. There are occasional references to the great Northern landscapes (mostly comprised in the beautiful ballad "The Northern Hemisphere"), but the personal approach of the band to their lyrics is unmistakeable.

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