Carpathian Forest - Black Shining Leather LP (Black vinyl)


Surprisingly, Black Shining Leather is not another typical Norsk project and the music on this album varies greatly from standards. Despite some fast tempos and pure black metal riffs like in the title track or Sadomasochistic, the overall image of this album left after listening is rather full of misanthropy, alienation and desolate landscapes. Those visions are inevitable because the album is full of slower bass based songs such as The Swordsmen or In Silence I Observe or even more atmospheric ballads like The Northern Hemisphere or Death Triumphant. Drums are very specific due to the guest appearance of Lazare, they have kinda wooden sounding. Lyrics somehow mix sexual perversions with masochism, murder and nordic nature. The effect is so unusual, it plays strongly on listener’s imagination and keeps the person entertained for the whole length of the cd. It is even more effective because of Nordavind’s inhuman occasional screams and Nattefrost’s wild main vocals ( not horny ones like on newer albums).