Caronte – Ascension - Digipak -CD


After my initial encounter with stoner/doom metal bands such as Electric Wizard, I’ve been seeking out similar bands that manage to write music that can be so heavy, yet still be so groovy at the same time. It didn’t take long before my encounter with Italy’s Caronte, with their debut full length album Ascension, which was honestly quite a pleasant surprise.

The heaviness of Caronte‘s music is pretty obvious right from the start of the album with the first riffs of Leviathan, hitting the listener so hard with the crushing intensity that it shakes leaves one shaking from the impact of the music. The heavily downtuned guitars, and the high presence of the bass instantly brings fans of stoner/doom metal to familiar ground, and especially with Dorian’s vocals, one is easily reminded of works by bands such as Electric Wizard, bearing quite a resemblance to Jus Osborn. Furthermore, the psychedelic and somewhat bluesy lead guitars of Tony Bones help to make the experience of listening to Ascension all the more trippy, with the generous usage and play of effects such as the wah-pedal.