Capilla Ardiente ‎– Bravery, Truth and the Endless Darkness -CD


Bravery, Truth and Endless Darkness, a conceptual album, is the first full length of Chilean epic doomsters Capilla Ardiente, a band who released their glorious debut EP in 2009, generating a long waiting which finally ceased in June, 2014. Considering the long time between their formation in 2006 and the release of this record, one can easily think this is a side project rather than a main interest for their founding members, Claudio Botarro and Felipe Plaza, both part of Procession.

Continuing the musical path of its predecessor, this LP is full of good melodies, guitar harmonies, intense ever-changing riffing and great basslines, along with the prominent vocals of Felipe Plaza, which certainly stand out within the genre, all of these elements wrapped in the dark and gloomy atmosphere of traditional doom metal. So far, nothing seems really new about this, and probably innovating was never the motivation behind this band, but the compositions contained in this album perfectly combine the best elements of classic exponents such as Candlemass, Solitude Aeturnus and Scald to create truly epic music. And let me be really emphatic about the word "epic", because that is the word that best describes this album, from the cover art and the emotive guitar solos to the passionate vocal melodies and the conceptual lyrics.