Cannibal Corpse - The Beginning Of Cannibalism LP (Coloured vinyl)


Coloured vinyl.

Reek of Death Records U.S.A.

Side A: 1989 Demo
Side B: First Live Show ever, March 22nd 1989 In Buffalo, New York.

Cannibal Corpse is no doubt one of the original driving forces that made death metal what it is today, and it all started here. this demo contains five songs that would later be re-recorded on the debut album "eaten back to life." Now, there are a couple differences...
first, the guitar tone sounded a little different than on "eaten..." it didnt sound as good qualitywise, but was still pretty good.
the second difference was the fact that a couple phrases were changed and chords were taken out before the debut album, but again, nothing to seriously hurt the quality of the sound or music...
Now, the third and biggest difference was Chris's vocals. He didnt growl like he does today (in his horrible band), which really surprised me the first time i heard it, but i listened closley to the style, and really grew to love it. He kind of did this high pitched yell, which was pretty good, but doesnt match up to the style that was eventually used.
So all in all, yes, this is a very good demo, especially for a band's first recording. if you get a chance to hear these songs, you should do so.