Candlemass - Tales Of Creation LP (Black vinyl)


If one chooses to make a concept album about the creation of the world, there are two ways to do so. One is the way taken by a band like The Ocean or Monolithe (it's the creation of the universe in their case), who both opt for serious and slow earthly and cosmic explorations of the theme. The other option is the one that Candlemass take. I can't imagine Leif Edling making an earthy album about anything, not even chopping potatoes, so it comes as no surprise that this is the most overblown album on this concept, though one that manages to avoid several well-worn cliches and ends up an accessible and thrilling listen. I think that the concept doesn't interfere with any of the enjoyment on offer, unless you count those very short narrative fragments that take up about a minute of the album in total. The sum total of the songs and the surprising compactness of the experience (an epic album only just exceeding 40 minutes) more than outweighs the slight deviation of those parts.