Candlemass - Nightfall -LP


PEACEVILLE 2010 re-press

Noticing how Candlemass never left us down with their debut full length, they gave us 'Nightfall', surely a spectacular creation. I agree too, Candlemass is a special case in which it does manage to spread sorrow with the dark ambience portrayed in the several instrumentals crafted within this album. I agree too this was something hard to achieve back in 1987. It's all mixed perfectly with a fine production, although the latter doesn't affect the percentage I give to this album. Paired with Solitude Aeternus, these two bands conform what epic doom metal basically is.

This is also my favorite band and and hopefully I won't appear too much of fanboy on this one. From the bowels of Sweden, Candlemass sets on the table what is arguably the best epic doom metal album out there, if not the best DOOM metal album in existence. And we´ll get into that now:

Ripping up with an instrumental to open 'The Well of Souls', the song itself has the dark and evil atmosphere we all appreciate in a doom metal album. Messiah did a great job pairing his vocals to the rhythm of all songs, making him an interesting and notable element of the band. Not to forget the true mastermind of the band; Leif's dark Christian lyrics shape this as epic doom metal, along Messiah, of course. 'Mourners Lament' and 'Bewitched' are the songs that truly show off Lars' skills when it comes to guitar solos, kicking off real dramatic and glorious ones in each of these songs. Then the album closes with a nice gothic instrumental as nice farewell to the masterpiece.

Having this said, I reckon this work has no flaw whatsoever and makes for a great standout among the plethora of doom metal albums available. I also must say that this is the start of Candlemass' best era, with Messiah being their most remarkable vocalist their career ever knew and Leif Edling's best lyrics ever written. From this to 'Tales of Creation', Candlemass overrode onto a memorable journey appreciated by all of us, judging by the critical acclaim guarded within the archives. Surely, this work will accompany us through the next 20 years.