Candlemass - Epicus Doomicus Metallicus LP (Black vinyl)


The debut album of Candlemass, Epicus Doomicus Metallicus, besides being one of the most famous doom metal albums, laid the foundations for a whole subgenre : epic doom metal. And it's clearly one of the best albums of the genre I've ever heard.

It intelligently combines power metal elements to an atmosphere of doom and solitude. For example, the guitar solos sound like early power metal (or late NWOBHM), while the riffs are very similar to the the ones you'll hear in traditional doom, just like in Saint Vitus of Trouble's first albums. All the musicians are doing very good stuff. As I said, Klas Bergwall's guitar solos are close to power metal, while remaining mysterious and melancholic. He often uses minor scales, which gives a very interesting neoclassical aspect to his work.

The drummer is perfect. He doesn't just boringly uses the same patterns and slow tempos again and again, but always shows a lot of precision and skills. In songs such as 'Demon's Gate', in which he suddenly accelerates to reach a pretty high speed, he demonstrates his remarkable versatility. The vocals in this album are very peculiar, because Johan Längqvist can reach high pitched octaves while keeping a very melodic voice, and also has the ability to hold notes for a long time. This singing style fits perfectly with the songwriting and the lyrics, and reinforces the epic aspect of the music.

Furthermore, the production quality is very good, and no annoying noise disrupts the listening experience.

An excellent record, which has not aged at all. I highly recommend it.