Candlemass - Ancient Dreams 2-CD


“Nightfall” is pretty much the perfect doom metal opus; it didn’t make sense for the band to reproduce it note-by-note for their own gratification. Something had to change, either to inaugurate the funeral doom sector by slowing down to a snail-like rate which wasn’t such an impossible task having in mind that the guys gave such a superb rendition of The Funeral March; or to speed up and impress the audience with their ability to speed/thrash with the finest. They simply settled for the second option, and came up with another masterpiece, an album that didn’t repeat their past exploits and had its individual face, also attracting wider audience in the process. I don’t know a Candlemass fan who had been left disappointed by this album; some were surprised by its faster pace, but such grand music is easy to get into, and man, would this overpowering bass hypnotize you like a serpent, and ensnare you in its iron grip…