Call Of The Void - Dragged Down A Dead End Path digi-CD


Have you ever found yourself driving and there was this voice in your head urging you to stir the wheel and fall off the cliff? Never mind your answer that is what people name: call of the void. And how perfect name for a Crust band with Grind and Sludge influences to their sound.

So “Dragged Down A Dead End Path”, debut album for CALL OF THE VOID, will be released by Relapse Records. And it is the perfect soundtrack for taking a free fall into your imminent demise. The basis of CALL OF THE VOID is crust with a lot of hardcore punk attitude, if you like breakdowns and in your face vocals accompanied with heavy guitars and great groove then this is an album you will definitely enjoy. Songs like “Theory of Mind” and “Breeding Grounds” will put a smile on any Hardcore fan’s face.

But CALL OF THE VOID takes things a bit further than that. And they are doing so by incorporating grind influences, yup with fucking blastbeats, such as in tracks like the opening “Failure” and the chaotic structures in “Bottom Feeder” and the monumental “Napalm Lungs” (word “napalm” is not there by chance) will remind you of some of the best old school Grind band. Wait!! That is not all. These guys also bring it home with their heavier Sludge filled moments, and here you will get heavy, filthy riffs with an unbelievable groove to them. From fleeting Sludge moments in tracks such as in the monumental closing song “Faith & Filth” and in the ending of “The Liar’s Heart”, and then to a more prevalent form in “Endless Ritual Abuse” and especially in “Abomination”, even if what you prefer is slow heavy guitars rather than speed and aggression, you will also get that in “Dragged Down A Dead End Path”.