BUZZOVEN - Sore 2-LP (Black Vinyl)

BUZZOVEN - Sore 2-LP (Black Vinyl)

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Double lp released in a single sleeve, including lyric sheet.

In a perfect world, Buzzov-en would have become ultra famous and spread around their miserable sound to all corners of the world. Instead, they are a band buried by time and dust, forgotten by all but a few handful faithful fans that cherish their releases like gold. “Sore” is a sonic assault to the senses, a devastating punch to the face of brutality and complete hatred towards human kind. Before each song, a small sample is played, mostly of old horror flicks, noises of anguish pain and fears are heard.

The intros set you up, again and again for the punishing wall of noise that emerges track after track. To describe this music is not that easy. It definitely has its “sludge” sound, slow and dense. It does however have its fast parts, but what sets this band apart is the sick vocals. The vocalist manages to convey all the hatred and anger possible in the lyrics and it comes out in the music. I would put this guy against any black metal vocalist for evil and hateful tones.

This release is highly recommended, it contains songs done previously on other singles and ep’s, but the production and sound on this album is a hundred times better. Stand out tracks, all of them, but if I had to choose, maybe the title track “Sore”, “I don’t like you”, “Hollow”, and “Broken”. Complete aggression and destruction in those songs.

The artwork of the CD is cool to; there is a drawing of a jackal with the face of Christ, and a knife stuck into Jesus’ skull. Drawings of dead fetuses and obscure images fill the CD artwork, also the insane notes of the band, cautioning the listener that the lyrics and music were done under the influence of drugs like crack and heroin and periods of homelessness and depression. Trust me, you can feel all those factors influencing this insane record, you will become a fan of Buzzov-en immediately.