BROKEN HOPE - Mutilated And Assimilated LP (Orange Vinyl)
Broken Hope

BROKEN HOPE - Mutilated And Assimilated LP (Orange Vinyl)

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This is the most admirable (aside from 'Loathing') a release that Broken Hope has come out with in years. Mind you, they did split in 2001 from the metal scene then came back with a new line-up (except for Jeremy Wagner) who has been with the band since they formed (1988). They write about not so colorful topics but it includes gore, death, sickness and Anti-religion. Upon reading the lyrics to this one, they're pretty brutal to say the least. But they have a lot of good music to show for on this album.

While a lot of death metal bands struggle to find their own unique sound, Broken Hope shows their influences (Autopsy, et al) and creates their own cool vibe to their music. I was surprised how many times I did actually listen to this album before I chose to write about it. However, it's close to perfect in what a newer death metal album should be like. "Tom" Leski spews forth his annihilation on vocals and I might say that the lead and rhythm guitar sounds are phenomenal. Originality in songwriting, absolutely!!

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