Borknagar - Borknagar CD


Borknagar combine the styles of raw black metal and folk metal into one hence the 'avant-garde' label. Although this style is very widespread, overdone, and flat out cheesy now, it was new and interesting at the time. As Borknagar have advanced through their career, they've shifted the mix from raw black metal with hints of folk metal over to folk metal with hints of raw black metal. Each of their albums introduce something new and usually original to their style. This first album, the self-titled, is raw black metal with little glimmers of folk metal sprinkled all throughout. The folk metal usually shows itself in the form of clean vocals arising from the harsh black metal melodies. The production is good for a 1996 black metal album not so much as some of their later releases, there is still some feedback left over and the mixing isn't annoyingly crystal clear. It's the sort of production I prefer for a black metal album.