Bölzer - Soma LP (Black vinyl)


Re-issue on the bands own label LIGHTNING & SONS !!!

The formula for “Soma” is pretty much the same as for “Aura” and in every aspect this new EP is a rightful continuation of the predecessor. It follows it in every aspect; starting with the characteristic artwork, then going through the production and finishing with the music, which keeps all these characteristic ingredients, all these details, which made “Aura” sounding so spectacular. Yes, Bölzer did come up with something quite new, refreshing and unique in the style of extreme metal, where they blended the death and black metal with very epic, monumental feeling and that heathen and ritualistic atmosphere which adds a special flavour to the whole. Bölzer is often compared to bands like Necros Christos, Mitochondrion, Malthusian and Grave Miasma… but at the same time they are just different than all of them. Great creativity, awesome ideas and performance and that incredible feeling which this duo has, when they hypnotize with their riffs… this is something extraordinary.