Bölzer - Aura LP (Clear vinyl)


With there being more albums I wish to check out at any given time than there are days in a year it is rare that I choose to fully investigate an EP, let alone become totally infatuated with one. But then there are few EPs I’ve ever heard that are as sensational as that of Bölzer’s ”Aura”. The Swiss duo which form this cosmic black/death act have just one previous 2012 demo to their name before this EP, which is now a year old, but you would never guess it such is the level of performance. With a name being somewhat along the lines of ‘bulldozer’ or ‘smash’ Bölzer do just that, and then some, as the three tracks in this 23-minute release feature some of the most expertly crafted and devastating riffs I’ve heard in a long time; perfect fodder for someone like I who places strong emphasis on the quality of the riff in an age where very often simple dissonance or sheer brutality are seen to suffice, depending on which side of the black/death divide you look.