BOLT THROWER - Those Once Loyal CD
Bolt Thrower

BOLT THROWER - Those Once Loyal CD

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In the year 2081 when the world is recovering from thermonuclear war which ravaged Earth and razed all of civilizations grandest monumental cities to the ground, humanity will be salvaging the remnants and artifacts of pre WWIII Earth. Among the rubble and desolation will lie the pinnacle of humanity's achievements. Scientific achievements, the greatest literature, surviving architecture and music among others. Humanity will be faced with stitching back together the puzzles of the old world by using remnants of the past and of course will cater to the strengths of our achievements. In science DNA and the theory of relativity will stand shoulders above other scientific advancements. In literature Shakespeare, Dickens and Tolkien will be read aloud on a pulpit to the denizens of the new world. The great skyscrapers of New York and the pyramids of Giza will be seen as the pinnacle of architecture. When pre war music is discovered, Mozart, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin will be among a host of music to be consumed as relics of a time gone by. Among these records, one band will stand tall among the giants. With consistency, strong song writing, intelligent lyrics and musical integrity at their core. That band is Bolt Thrower and this is their masterpiece, their magnum opus. Hyperbole? maybe but I mean every word.

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