BOLT THROWER - Honour - Valour - Pride CD
Bolt Thrower

BOLT THROWER - Honour - Valour - Pride CD

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Bolt Thrower is a band that has shown much consistency throughout each release, consistent in the way that each album is like a fucking tank driving through your eardrums targeting and destroying pussified ear hairs that would've appreciated the next Taylor Swift album or whatever bullshit your little sister listens to. Honour Valour Pride doesn't change this formula and we are left with another badass release that any death metal fan should have in their collection.

The album starts off the sounds of artillery blasting in the distance and the first song Contact - Wait Out promptly kicks you in the face and makes you want to start a war in your hometown with this as the sound track. This was the perfect song to start off the album with and much of what follows afterwards stays to this level of quality.

The guitars themselves play simple yet effective mid tempo riffs that when heard, conjure images of tanks rolling through a barren warzone with artillery shells blazing overtop while the sounds of machine guns rattle in the distance. The riffage here is the best part of the album and drives the album all the way through while never sounding boring or uninspired. Leads aren't as common in this album though are present in a few songs (K-Machine, 7th Offensive) but this doesn't take away from the album at all. The drumming, is simple yet very effective and each beat is well crafted and groovy as fuck. The main difference on this album that is quite noticeable is the departure of vocalist Karl Willets for Benediction's Dave Ingram and while lacking the power that Karl possessed, Ingram still fits the sound of the band quite nicely ensuring for a smooth transition.

So if your into some good quality metal, then this disc better be in your fucking collection, if not i'm going to have to come over in an APC wielding a tack hammer and beat you out of your fucking tripp pants for choosing the next Asking Alexandria album over this masterpiece. There is no excuse not to like this. Buy it now.

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