BODYFARM - The Coming Scourge Gatefold LP (Silver Vinyl)

BODYFARM - The Coming Scourge Gatefold LP (Silver Vinyl)

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Limited Pressing of 546 numbered (sticker) copies on heavy 180g "Anniversary Silver" Vinyl, Gatefold Sleeve.

Midway through 2012, Dutch four-piece Bodyfarm put out Malevolence, a groove tinged chugaholics wet dream and savvy throwback to old-school death metal in both it’s US and Scandinavian varieties. As of September 2013 the band have returned with The Coming Scourge, another solid entry following very much in the same footsteps as it’s predecessor.

To give Bodyfarm an appropriate overseas counterpart, I’d describe them as the Jungle Rot of the Netherlands. At this rate they seem perfectly comfortable with sticking to their formula, and though this approach can pose problems somewhere down the line, a good formula is often worth staying with – for better or worse. As much as the OSDM force is strong on The Coming Scourge, its well complimented by a meaty production and booming low-ends with riffs that, whilst weak at times, (likely due to vocalist Thomas Wouters juggling guitar duties) do succeed in jumping out of the mix and giving you a good fright. This couldn’t be more evident than on “The Well of Decay” where a scathing blackened refrain flirts alongside an array of skilled harmonies, one of the more melodic tracks on the record and a definite stand-out moment.

The album is a brilliant follow up to a promising debut. Intense, brooding and a superb example of modern death metal dextrously infused with old-school dynamics. It’s no secret that the Netherlands has a rich metal history, and The Coming Scourge prospers in living up to its heritage. Highly recommended.

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