BODYFARM - Malevolence CD

BODYFARM - Malevolence CD

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While the band's promo pictures and name might give the impression that Bodyfarm are some sort of ultra-technical brutal death metal band, I was refreshed to find out they actually play an extremely straightforward style of old-school death metal, albeit with modern production values. Hailing from the Netherlands, these guys were lucky enough to grow up in a small country with a rich metal history, including some of death metal's greatest bands.

If these guys keep doing exactly as they're doing now, they've got a long career ahead of them with a loyal fanbase who respects them for keeping on doing what they're doing and detractors who will deride them for being so dumb/derivative/unchanging.

Recommended to just about any OSDM fan who doesn't mind a slightly glossier production and more basic songwriting than they might be used to, or to anyone who wants to hear a young new band's take on the style.

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