BLUT AUS NORD - 777 The Desanctification Digipack CD
Blut Aus Nord

BLUT AUS NORD - 777 The Desanctification Digipack CD

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Two albums in the span of six months? Why not? Blut Aus Nord probably asked that to themselves before venturing into a task that few have managed to complete. A trilogy of albums in one year is something that has never been done before, thus BaN decided to hold back and release the third installment a year later. But that does not matter! The raw sound of Sect(s) has been enriched with heavier tones and more melodies without having to sacrifice the dissonant passages that made its predecessor unique. The album might not be as violent as Sect(s) and it might be far less impulsive but it is twice as horrifying and dazzling.

The pace is slower in The Desanctification but the sound is massive. The rhythm section creates a wall of sound on which, leads, vocals and even synths weave beautiful melodies. And then there is Epitome IX with its extremely minimal approach and eastern music influences. One could even claim that this album gets really close to being a great soundtrack for meditation. Furthermore, here we hear Vindsval's post rock/ post metal influences for the first time. Those would be even more visible in Cosmosophy but it was very refreshing hearing those in a black metal album. Unlike Sect(s), this album is not so full of changes. The band usually sticks to each composition's backbone and then builds on that or just improvises. I keep referring to the 'band' while I am well aware that this album is 100% Vindsval. Everything you listen in here is the outcome of one person who had a clear vision of the direction he would take. And this happened throughout the 777 trilogy! It would be no exaggeration to say that Vindsval is a genius.

Really not much to add because this album has no profound complexity or technicality and I do not want to over the top rambling about its original yet minimal structure. All that made the trilogy worthy ultimately culminated in the final chapter which is easily the true champion among the others. If we had to compare the first two albums to each other (which is, I repeat, utterly pointless) this would win because it is something new to Blut Aus Nord's history. A new aspect, or face of their sound. It is deep, it is wretched, it is morbid but most of all; it is really fresh. Almost five years have passed since and it remains relevant to this day.

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