BLUT AUS NORD - 777 - Sect(s) Digipack CD
Blut Aus Nord

BLUT AUS NORD - 777 - Sect(s) Digipack CD

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With Sect(s), Blut aus Nord begins the 777 trilogy to examine the elements of what make them who they are, with the 3 elements being metallic guitar storms, industrial dissonance, and atmospheric aether. The element explored on Sect(s) is the metallic qualities, and this leads to this album calling upon the kind of sound displayed on The Work Which Transforms God and expanding on it in a way that outperforms other attempts like Odinist by ramping the intensity back up and giving a more aggressive delivery with greater variety and focus. Each epitome makes sure to show off Blut aus Nord's new inspiration and power.

The signature apocalyptic and ultra-warped aesthetic is still a guiding part of Blut aus Nord's sonic mission on Sect(s). Everything feels revamped and just as twisted as ever. The riffs run wilder and clearer than before, and use of industrial breaks and slow, trudging passages make the menace feel all the more impactful and focused. There's some gnarly guitar acrobatics performed in a way that sounds otherworldly, but also tight and well controlled like a spring under pressure in a giant, monstrous machine. Epitomes I and III mix a wild, drilling torrent of guitar notes with lighter dirges and an upgraded drum machine that resembles a pneumatic hammer. The weirdest epitome is probably IV with its tightly-wound and complex grooves which match the stoic, cyclopean, trudging atmosphere of the drums and industrial effects in the background. All of this chaos, occult zeal, and a new underlying tightness and focus breathes a new life into the signature style of Blut aus Nord.

The 777 trilogy looks to be off to a great start with Sect(s). With the various epitomes laid out in sequence for the band to demonstrate their otherworldly prowess over black metal, they do so well. Being far more aggressive than Odinist in the same style, this album delivers a ripping torrent of tremolos and bleak atmosphere in the finest of their style. This is Blut aus Nord channeling their metallic expertise into a savage beginning of their new trilogy.

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