Bloodletter - Funeral Hymns CD


Bloodletter hails from Chicago, Illinois. A city that has a turbulent past and that has been home to a booming rock and Metal-scene ever since the 60’s up to now. A shared love for Metal brought these four skilled musicians together and led to the birth of Bloodletter. With several eps and a full length under their belt already the band set out to record what was to become the soon-to-be classic album ‘Funeral Hymns’. Eleven tracks of furious and raging Thrash Metal with slight crossover hints. We at Petrichor are proud to unleash this intense whirlwind upon humanity.

• LP comes as 180 grams audiophile vinyl with download card
• CD comes as a deluxe edition with slipcase

For fans of: Toxic Holocaust, The Black Dahlia Murder, Havok, Darkest Hour