BLOODBATH - The Fathomless Mastery LP (Black Vinyl)

BLOODBATH - The Fathomless Mastery LP (Black Vinyl)

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Bloodbath have been responsible for some of the finest Swedish death metal of the last decade - Metal Hammer
Bloodbath are an extreme metal supergroup from Stockholm, Sweden. Formed in 1998 with a mutual fascination for the glory days of death metal, the band?s line up has changed and evolved throughout the years, always featuring the elite of the Swedish Metal scene.
The next chapter of the band's saga arrives with the release of the brutal and brilliant new studio album, The Fathomless Mastery.
Hints of what the album possesses were provided by Unblessing The Purity, the mini-album released earlier this year. 
Described by Metal Hammer as 'a near-flawless celebration of Swedish brutality' and by Zero Tolerance as 'a slab of storming, top-quality death metal', Unblessing The Purity may have set the bar high, but without doubt, The Fathomless Mastery delivers an  even stronger punch. 
Featuring Opeth's Mikael Åkerfeldt and Martin 'Axe' Axenrot, Katatonia's Anders Nyström and Jonas Renkse, and Per 'Sodomizer' Eriksson (ex-21 Lucifers, ex-Genocrush Ferox), the band's current line-up represents its strongest to date.
This band has described The Fathomless Mastery as representing, "Nothing but hateful brutality." 
Promising their, "Most crushing production yet," few would dare to argue with the band's claim that, "Bloodbath is here to slay, Bloodbath is here to stay!"

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