Bloodbath - Bloodbath Over Bloodstock 2-LP (Black vinyl)


This looks set to be the last Bloodbath release with Mikael Akerfeldt on it.

This is further emphasised by the bonus features of 5 songs from Party.San a couple of years before, where the vocals are powerful and booming.

The song selection is excellent. They cover the full range of their discography including the 2 EPs. Highlights being 'Soul Evisceration', 'Breeding Death', 'Cancer of the Soul', 'Mock the Cross', 'Like Fire' and of course the finale of 'Eaten'.

One major plus to this is the 5 bonus tracks from Party.San aren't duplicates of songs from the Bloodstock set (perhaps why there are only 5 of them?) so at least you get a grand total of 17 songs from a band with a fairly limited back catalogue of music.

No problems with the musicianship or the sound quality here. Everyone plays great, the songs are well chosen and the crowd were into it.