Blood Of Kingu ‎– De Occulta Philosophia -LP


- sleeve made of rough, black solid-colored cartonstock with bronze print and silver hotfoil embossing
- heavy, black innersleeves
- 180g black virgin vinyl
- limited to 293 copies

Stunningly beautiful and majestically brutal sums up these songs quite well. I've not really been listening to much metal lately, my activity in the rave scene hasn't really given me much time to listen to much music that isn't breakcore or acid techno, but on the few occasions I still get to listen to metal, this tends to be the first choice and good God, what an incredible choice this is.

Imagine a slightly more lo-fi Drudkh with hummed/chanted vocals that drone over relentless blastbeats and incredible melodic guitar playing. All songs are basically working with that formula, which is the most apparent in the second song (third track) called 'Mummu Tiamat'. The song starts off with a riff that is suspiciously similar to one of Drudkh's songs on 'The Swan Road' called 'Eternal Sun' but works just as well as it does in that song in a completely different context.

That doesn't mean that Blood of Kingu's a Drudkh or, while we're at it, a Hate Forest clone. While on paper, Blood of Kingu is similar to these bands, the execution and overall atmosphere is rather different. Whereas Hate Forest is total brutality and Drudkh's about the melancholy and gorgeous atmospheres, this band combines these elements and adds a certain amount of Weakling like epicness in there (in style, none of these songs clock over 5 and a half minutes in length -- the riffs are simply huge) and of course, some occasional Middle Eastern instrumentation and tablas.

The vocals are noteworthy as well. As mentioned before, they're chanted drones. No tortured screams, intense mid heavy growls or even majestic clean singing, this is all druid like chanting unlike anything I've heard before in black metal.

Nearly 30 minutes in length, you can't help but want more but the album starts, flows and ends perfectly. This is a worthy release, up there with the other greats of the Ukrainian black metal scene and I would say that it's even better than anything Hate Forest (this band's predescessor) has released, which are big words coming from a big Hate Forest fan such as myself.