BLOOD INCANTATION - Starspawn Digipack CD
Blood Incantation

BLOOD INCANTATION - Starspawn Digipack CD

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While Blood Incantation has created an absolutely transformative work, I simply cannot say its perfect. It might well be the most important death metal album in years, and is certainly one of the best debuts that I can think of. But does it reach the sheer heights of “None So Vile,” “Leprosy,” or “Left Hand Path?” It may well age into that pantheon. However, it still remains to be seen how Blood Incantation’s sound develops – the relative lack of vocals on this release, for example, while not taking much away from the compositions themselves, may perhaps be an anomaly in the band's emerging discography. On subsequent releases, perhaps a greater addition of vocals will elevate the band’s sound from an already masterful effect to the highest tier of the genre. I, for one, would love to see what a greater variety or abundance of vocals would do for Blood Incantation’s music. Nonetheless, Starspawn is an amazing achievement, and is well-deserving of the praise it has gotten.

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