Blaze Of Perdition - The Harrowing Of Hearts LP (Black vinyl)


18O gram Black Vinyl
Includes12" Booklet and MP3 Download

As with the last two records, Blaze of Perdition is grappling with tough, mature themes like their countrymen Mgła. Like MgłaBlaze of Perdition knows how to use repetition effectively, along with pained melodicism that doesn’t devolve into the overwrought. Those elongated and sparse melodies which characterized the last two records make an appearance quickly on opener “Suffering Made Bliss,” smartly making The Harrowing of Hearts familiar while introducing the listener to a more rock-based direction akin to the criminally underrated Reinkaos. “Transmutation of Sins” is another favorite of mine, with the driving chorus riff and the harmonies over top working in tandem to land a gut-punch every time it occurs. When it climaxes and those sparse, single-string melodies rear their head, the band’s relatively new direction is once again gloriously and effectively promulgated while not letting go of what preceded it.