Blaze Of Perdition - Conscious Darkness Digi-CD


In this album the band took the musical forms of "Near Death Revelations" and worked on them, further evolving and taking them a step further. XCIII's guitars "weep" in ways the band has never played before. The leads are slower, but more technical, while the riffs are on the other end of the spectrum, being thunderous and trampling. The rhythm section is as solid as a wall, with a strong presence of the bass, a pleasant surprise in the genre, when most releases suffer with a production in which the bass can hardly be heard. The lyrics are as nihilistic and harsh as one should expect, delivered with vocal lines that convey the sentiment in an incredible manner. The band, however, dips the quill in its earliest days here, bringing some elements from its early days. One final thing to note here is that the whole aesthetic of the album reflects the album's philosophy. Contrary to the previous one, all photography and artwork is in black and white, with a total absence of color.