Blasphemy - Victory (Son Of The Damned) CD


This is the same recording as the Die Hard Rehearsal that came in CDR format as a bonus to the 1st vinyl edition of the Live Ritual: Friday the 13th live album from 2001. These same tracks were included as bonus tracks in the CD version of the Live Ritual: Friday the 13th released by From Beyond Productions. The difference is that this version includes the previously unreleased track "Victory (Son of the Damned)". A bootleg version of this release exists, supposedly released by Unisound Records in (circa) 2002 with black & white cover and no contact info for the band or label, and marketed with the wrong name Live Ritual: Friday the 13th despite that the bootleg does not feature the 2001 concert.

The song "Atomic Nuclear Desolation" is hidden in track 9 at the end of "The Desolate One".

Recording information:

Recorded at Ross Bay Rehearsal Studios, August 29th, 2001.