Blasphemy - Live Ritual - Friday The 13th CD


This is probably the closest I'll have ever gotten to hearing the band live so I cherish this CD for more than it is probably worth. The recording is quite rough and a lot of the bare naunces and sometimes lost but it matters little when you have the Blasphemy war machine firing audio-bullets into your skull one right after the other. The show is also unedited which gives it a real "live" feel that few other bands have dared to show. You can even get a bit of the DJ, all of the live conversation and the actual FEEL of being at a gig. This in itself is a victory for the record, even though the band could have had a better recording to show JUST what they sound like in the flesh. Even so, these are minor points in the world of Blasphemy.

This is for those who love Blasphemy only...it's not really a good introduction tot he band nor is it the most original collection of songs considering that we've heard most of these before in superior recording formats. Don't use this as a "greatest hits" to get into the band, go back to the first studio album (with demo tagged on) to get the full feel of what the band is about. If then converted...come to this for the full violent live presentation. If you love the studio material...you won't regret owning this.

If you adore the band as I do this is a must own.