Blasphemy - Blood Upon The Altar CD


This is where it all begun. That 30% or so of black metal bands who play that style that sounds like nothing but chaos to the inexperienced and at its best represents the dizzying heights that black metal can be taken to. Beherit, Proclamation, Conqueror, Revenge, Archgoat… these bands would sound nothing like they do or did if it wasn’t for Blasphemy. Combining the speed of grindcore, the hardness and grit of first wave death metal, and the evil of early black metal (such as Mayhem – Deathcrush), Blood upon the Altar showcases Blasphemy’s unique take on extreme metal in its rawest, most unrefined form. Their instantly recognizable style would soon be developed and matured until it reached its peak on Gods of War four years later, but Blood upon the Altar is still an undeniable classic, the very first of its kind.