Black Cobra - Feather And Stone Digi-CD


Feather & Stone is the smashing new album by these Cali Sludgers. Jason Landrian effortlessly handles guitars and vocals with Rafael Martinez (who incidentally plays bass for Acid King) is your mandatory monster drummer.

Completely raging sludge-doom-stoner is on the cards here and is done with so much authority. Fuzzy down-tuned doom tinged thrashy sludge riffs, wild drumming and tortured screams is generally how it all goes, with subtle and occasional clean guitar parts to decorate songs. The exception being the nicely placed Thanos, a beautiful clean instrumental track bang in the middle of the album reminding one of western-era Earth. Songs are to-the-point and short, unlike the elaborate jammy-bluesy-psychedelic-stoner shit that some of us here have often been listening to. That floats our boat damn well too really, but I dig the in-your-face hardcore attitude these guys possess. Riffs come right at you one after another and songs are done-with in a little over two minutes more often than not. Dragon & Phoenix, at 4:40 almost seems like an epic in this context and it just fades out with some clean guitars followed by Ascension which has some more intricate clean guitars both to begin and end the song. I really dig the writing here. In a nutshell, it takes off where Bestial left and the end product is a lot more satisfactory.
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