Black Breath - Heavy Breathing LP (Black vinyl)


Black Breath are a difficult band to categorize. The vocal approach is pure crusty hardcore, the riffs are sometimes crusty but more often indulge in a tremolo-heavy sort of death-thrash. The guitar tone is pure Sunlight Studios worship and the drumming has enough d-beats to please and Discharge fan. This debut album wouldn't sound out of place alongside the Swedish crust giants, but the increased melodicism and more metallic riffing pushes them further still into metal territory.

The production on Heavy Breathing is fantastic. The guitars, with their ripping mid-heavy chainsaw tone, come through as clear or clearer than anything out of Sunlight itself and roar along with incredible ferocity. The bass has plenty of growl to it and, because the guitars are mixed so hard out to the sides, is clearly audible in the center of the mix. The drums are clear as could be (the bass drums especially have some serious rumble to them) and the vocals slice through the entire mix like a razor. This is some scuzzy, dirty music without a doubt but the production job really affords the listener the opportunity to hear just how filthy each element of the mix is.