BEWITCHED - Pentagram Prayer Gatefold LP (Black Vinyl)

BEWITCHED - Pentagram Prayer Gatefold LP (Black Vinyl)

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There are some releases that go beyond any expectations, any barriers of logic or understanding and ram down everything to make it to the top of your list for the years to come. When I first heard Pentagram Prayer I was truly bewitched. And so many years later, this is still the best of its kind and one of the best heavy metal releases of all time.

Heavy metal? Yes. You've read quite right. I am quite unaware of what is the band's sound now (they are listed as black metal I see?), but this is your typical mixture of good old Speed, NWOBHM, Thrash with blackened vocals that will remind of Screaming For Vengeance, Denim & Leather and other classics. What's even stranger about Pentagram Prayer is that it somehow manages to stay up there with them as a proud brother and never feel like an inspired copy or a sad derivative. No sir. This is the real deal!

From AC/DC influented Highways To Hell, to the Motorhead-ish Demondawn and Hellblood, to screamingly Priest-like Satan's Claw, this album is truly going to bring back all the gold memories of what real heavy metal is all about. Without interference from any 90s influence, what you have here on display is pure music as it should have always been.

If I have to comment on something, except the exceptional drumming, the amazing vocals, the perfect guitar work and bass tone, it is how outstanding the lead work is in this release. At all times, you feel that someone gave life again to Rhoads, or that Iommi, Tipton and Downing themselves came down to the swedish studio of Bewitched to lend them their talents. Even if none of that happened, the opposite still stands true: If Bewitched were around when Judas Priest were rocking like no other, they would give them a run for their money!

Bewitched in Pentagram Prayer proved that there is still hope, among all those copycats and boring atmofests that real metal is still around and kicking but just like it was. I am very proud to say that while listening to the lead part of Sacrifice To Satan a chill run down my spine. And it was that same damn chill that Screaming For Vengeance gave me. I thought it was dead. But it's fucking alive!

Simply a masterpiece.

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