Bewitched - Diabolical Desecration LP (Black vinyl)


Bewitched put out a pretty good Black Thrash Metal album on this release.

It has a nice Old Skool feel in certain parts but is heavier than many older bands.

This group sounds their best when playing at a faster pace.

At times when they slow down things just don't sound quite right on the songs.

I like how the lyrics sheet has symbols so you know who is singing Vargher or Blackheim.

The start of this LP sounds pretty good but the track drags on a bit too long.

Also has an odd ending when you consider the title track is basically a fade out march with some sounds and instruments mixed in.

Not sure I can think of many bands who have albums where title track is like that. There seems to be a ringing sound in the background of music that you can notice sometimes as well. Even though many of the lyrics are Satanic in nature I don't get an evil feeling from this album. If anything I feel Energized and like the words cuz they remind me of Venom(Cronos) and Classical bands like that.