Benediction - Transcend The Rubicon 2-LP (Gold/Orange vinyl)


Benediction, as the underdogs of the British death fucking metal scene, reached what I consider to be the apex of their career with this album. At first glace, it looks like standard issue brutal death metal. The beautiful cover art by Dan Seagrave, the classic-looking logo, the cool yet seemingly meaningless album title...but when one pops this monster into the CD player and hits "PLAY", a wild ride ensues. You see, folks, the problem with both of the band's previous albums were that while the music was decent (in some cases, brilliant!) the production was never able to suit their sound. Okay, okay...the god-awful production did grant an unsettling atmosphere to the "The Grand Leveller" CD, but with this album we really get to see Benediction's true power for the first time - with a production that genuinely sounds "good", because I always felt that some of the reason Benediction are rarely mentioned in death metal circles today, is because the poor production values of their early albums kept them from reaching the cult status of their peers.