Belphegor - Lucifer Incestus LP (Black vinyl)


Austrian extreme metallers Belphegor waste no time in getting started on this classic blackened death metal masterpiece! 

From the intro, aptly entitled "Inflamate Christianos", it's apparent that these guys don't fuck around! The listener is greeted by what brings to mind a church burning with a demonic orgy of truly epic proportions happening in its midst... only to be bashed over the head with the pure aural brutality that is "The Goatchrist", easily one of the strongest tracks on the album, a furiously paced example of how extreme “extreme metal” can truly be! Accompanying the relentless riffs and blasphemous blastbeats are vocals that range from indecipherable grunts to shiver inducing screams. Mixed in with this brutality are hints of melody that give the chorus and closing a epic, goose bump inducing feel.