Below - Upon A Pale Horse LP (Grey Marble vinyl)


Dim grey marbled vinyl version limited to 200 copies worldwide (hand-numbered as stated on sticker).

Comes with lyric sheet, poster and antistatic metal blade inner sleeve.

Goddamn, this is awesome. Below is a stellar epic doom band sauntering in the stygian mists of dark atmosphere while channeling the energy and style of Candlemass and other grand doom metal bands. I thought “Across the Dark River,” their first album, was a fortified slab of shadowy doom with slow-roasting riffs and an ominous atmosphere lingering above. “Across the Dark River” shows Below did not change the playbook between albums, and they deliver the same type of sinister metal as the first record. “Upon a Pale Horse,” despite this, is probably the better album. No witchcraft granted them magical songwriting abilities; Below is just fantastic at what they do.