Bell Witch - Mirror Reaper 2-LP (Black vinyl)


From start to finish, this album is an incredible masterpiece. It is an emotional journey to say the least. At the start, you have everything. You have all of the emotional baggage that you carry and all of the pain you've ever experienced in your life weighing down hard on your shoulders. That pain is slowly lifted off of you throughout the song. By the end, you feel refreshed. You also fell empty, though. Everything has been stripped off of you. The pain and misery in your life is lost. It's just gone. The good is gone too. You've been robbed of all of the life and love you had before. You're a blank canvas. The scars time has left upon your shoulders fade away. If all I just said sounds depressing to you, then this album is not for you. If you like your metal fast, then this album is still not for you. If what I just said sounds like a refreshing escape, then this album is probably for you. This album is all about the atmosphere. Everything is atmosphere. If you don't get lost listening to this album, you're doing it wrong. This album is not fast. It's not flashy. It's not excessively polished. It's a raw masterpiece. That's the only way to describe it. It's just a passageway to a blissful and cleansing peace.