Behexen - By The Blessing Of Satan Digi-CD


By the Blessing of Satan is one of the best Black Metal releases in a long time. The sheer brutality, anger and hate that help manifest this slab of aural blasphemy creates an atmosphere unlike anything seen outside of the Norma Evangelium Diaboli label.

On the first listen, one may find little or no melody among the wall of noise that the band creates. But lost in the final mix is some serious tremolo melody, which tends to be overshadowed by thick, heavy riffing and Torog’s vocals (ranging from piercing shrieks to twisted growls). The drumming is pounding and tightly executed. If a bass track does exist on this release, it is buried in the chaos.

From beginning to end, this release does not let up. This is brutal satanic art at its finest. “Under the Eye of Lord” finishes off this release with a devilish summoning, followed by a drift into a short ambient outro that perfectly summates 50 minutes of utter madness.

Other than the brutal nature of this release, the changing structure of the [lengthy] songs, and the simple catchy choruses that are strewn in hither and thither, both help to maintain an air of originality to the release. Behexen’s typical Black Metal lyrics can be found on 90% of any other satanic Black Metal releases, so that is definitely not the main focus of any review, or the selling point of this album. It is the utter madness that is conjured that keeps me coming back to this modern masterpiece.