BEHEMOTH - Zos Kia Cultus CD

BEHEMOTH - Zos Kia Cultus CD

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This album is incredible. When I first heard this, I was actually disappointed. It didn’t appeal to me whatsoever. But when you sit down at actually listen to it intently a couple times, you will have a complete change of mind.
Behemoth play a combination of death and black metal, which is very nice. It has a very heavy, satanic feel to it, but with that hint of melody that keeps it entertaining.
First, as always, the guitar/production. This CD has an incredible sound to it. Everything is very well-rounded, but the vocals are slightly louder. The guitar, as I mentioned before, is fast, brutal, satanic, and has a touch of melody. They put notes together so it sounds awkwards in an evil, yet awesome way.
The vox can be described very simply. Fucking insane. Nergal screams in a mid-gutteral tone, but sometimes breaks a very low brutal growl. He also lets loose a very distorted and twisted growl once in a while, and just at the right times, like at the beginning of a riff.
Finally, the percussion is outstanding. There aren’t really any tempo changes as far as I can remember, but the beats change a lot and are very precise. A nice amount of blast beats, and a lot of fast double bass with some fucked up yet awesome gallops added to the mix.
This is a well done album by the Polish DM band Behemoth, filled with satanic brutality that you should definitely check out

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