Behemoth - Thelema.6 LP (Black vinyl)


A total must for every Behemoth fan to obtain. While Satanica was pretty much a straightforward death metal fest, Thelema.6 shines through great variety within rhythmic structures, riffing, bass playing and of course Inferno's blast drumming.

The whole album feels like Nergal and cohortes decided to define their sound more closely. The rhythm changes may sound weird and unexpected sometimes, but it actually works great on songs like "Antichristian Phenomenom" or "Natural Born Philosopher". Other utensiles like clean voice or acoustic guitar solos add perfectly to the dark atmosphere, while those elements are never overdone and put in very decently. The finisher "23 (The Youth Manifesto)" makes a perfect closer on this album as well as on concerts, shining through a strongly progressive touch and slow down in pace, while Nergal just holds a kind of speech to his listeners.